Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #408

Movie: Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)

Plot: A very young kid is abundantly talented in Chess that he is compared by the biggies to Bobby Fischer, who disappeared after becoming the first world champion from U.S.A. He is mentored by a chess author who wants to see Fischer in him; He is also trained by a park-side speed chess specialist. Caught between the two and an unexpected contender, fear sets in the kid's mind and he loses focus. His parents work their way out to get back him back on track!

What Works?
  • As a film that's partly fictional and partly based on a true story, the right mix of both worlds makes it tick! Steve Zaillian's work needs appreciations for that.
  • The game of chess is shown in all its glory to such an extent that not having known to play it would hurt (not the viewing as the film is completely understandable)!
  • The mental battle that champions need to face at the zenith and the methods to tackle it are brought forth brilliantly.
  • The kid, being the pivot, plays a superb role - and offering different equally good dimensions around him are his parents, parents' friend & child, Ben Kingsley and Fishburne!
Champions' stuff, for the champions in every one of us!