Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #399

Movie: Un Oso Rojo (or) A Red Bear (Spanish, 2002)

Plot: A convict returns from prison to see his wife and child being sheltered with his wife's new husband. His obsession makes him want to stay as close as he can to them and get them out of the financial mess  they have fallen into. He needs the big buck to do that for which he makes a risky job, one last time.

What Works?
  • The film's dilly-dallying between the emotional angle of the convict to the angle that represents his self works in its favour. An interesting film has been made to look audaciously casual by Adrian Caetano, its maker.
  • Julio Chavez's rugged look, expressions and the way he adores his child make him connect well with the viewer. Soledad Villamil's is a restricted role which she walks off casually.
  • The action blocks are pulsating and the native latino background music is highly impressive!
Audacious, powerful tale of sentiment and action!