Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #405

Movie: Eight Below (2006)

Plot: When an antarctic expedition of 2 explorers is halted midway due to a very rough weather, they return back to base leaving the sled dogs that helped them with their expedition. The trainer who communicates with the dogs promises them that he would be back to get them but is not allowed. The dogs wait resiliently and the trainer makes his attempts to fulfill his promise. Who wins?

What Works?
  • The emotional connect the sled dogs make with its trainer is powerful. No surprises as the film has its roots in an Asian film (Japanese) from the 70s!
  • The entire journey is informative - How the researchers and explorers make living and travel in the snow-mountains is astounding!
  • The scene in which the dog Maya saves the doc from the glacier is a goosebump moment!
  • The latter portions when the trainer feels for a guilt he needn't associate himself with is typical of a good-nature d soul!
A sound tale of survival instincts!