Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #406

Movie: Bolivia (Spanish, 2001)

Plot: A man from Bolivia joins a restaurant in Argentina as a cook and tries to settle himself in and get some money back to his family in the economically battered Bolivia. A slow turn of events jeopardise his plans but the reason behind that is a macro-issue.

What Works?
  • The film attempts to tell a bigger story with the story of an individual immigrant. It doesn't appear to do so and there lies the beauty of the making!
  • The events at the restaurant are so routine that the climax comes as a shocker, though one would have expected that!
  • The narrative presents the views of both nationals through characters(who have all acted well) in the restaurant and never takes a biased view which makes it all the more special!
Short, Crisp tale of a mammoth-issue!