Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #382

Movie: Jaws (1975)

Plot: The beaches of Amity Island get ready for treating the tourists over a long weekend. A dreadful shark is on the prowl in the seas which makes the police chief feel it isn't right to allow tourists into the sea before the predator gets captured. The chief, an oceonaography expert and a shark-expert go into the seas on a nightmarish mission!

What Works?
  • The animal isn't non-existent, there is not much scope to show many thrilling scenes - Still, Spielberg ekes the maximum out of it to give a classic edge-of-the-seat thriller!
  • The prominent characters play their roles casually accentuating the 'this one is for real' feeling.
  • There are plenty of Spielberg touches, none better than the conversation the three get into in the rocking boat during the night in their mission.
  • The camera work is ingenious and some tough to capture sea moments have been taken without hassles.
What Doesn't?
  • The shark shown is very much unreal. But given the times the film was made, this barely qualifies to be a negative.
Jaw-dropping stuff!(Sometimes, can't avoid the cliches)