Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #380

Movie: The Trouble With Harry (1955)

Plot: Harry is found dead on the meadows! The trouble with the death is that a few people in the neighbourhood think they were responsible for his death and dig him before the police finds him. When they come to know the buck has been passed to someone else, they force Harry to be dug out. After a series of dig in and dig out, the trouble with Harry finally comes to an end!

What Works?
  • Alfred Hitchcock after a long time and what a miss it has been! There is something extra-ordinary about him. While so many others tirelessly try complex stuff to captivate audience, Hitchcock, as if he kids them all away, comes up with a simple narration of an atrociously humourous thriller and captivates!
  • The 5 prominent artistes casually converse and get the viewer's attention! A lot of it has to do with their simple reactions and nonchalant camerawork and engaging and witty dialogues!
  • The dark humour works brilliantly in some important scenes and the suspense is well-maintained till the very end of the film!
A weird one-liner made into a humour-filled thriller! No trouble watching this Harry!