Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #381

Movie: Being John Malkovich(1999)

An unsuccessful puppeteer, in his new workplace, accidentally bumps on to a portal that shall lead one directly into actor John Malkovich's senses. Along with a worker from his own building who he starts loving, he uses the portal as a consumer business. His wife, during one such portal experience understands she is aroused by John and her husband's partner lady. A multi-way battle for love and the puppeteer's ability to control Malkovich's behaviour compound the situation and it's confusion all the way!

What Works?

  • The insanity that Spike Jonze brings works wonderfully well! The initial portions of weirdity are absolute fun.
  • John Cusack, John Malkovich, Camerone Diaz and the Miss.Maxine lady all have equal footing and come up with lively performances.
  • The conversations in the 71/2 th floor, interview room, roadside puppet scene etc. evoke instant laughter.
What Doesn't?
  • The film's intensity loses steam as soon as Malkovich realises what's being done about him.
  • Also, the sudden focus on seriousness after about a hour doesn't augur well for sustaining the interest levels.
Strange concept, fair execution!