Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #379

Movie: The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Plot: A woman with a heart of stone is about to get into her second marriage. Her first husband breaks the wedding along with two disguised news magazine reporters who are under cover to record the event for their magazine. A cocktail party, fatherly wisdom and a friendly babble make the woman realise her faults and help her make the right move!

What Works?
  • The casting is absolutely perfect - There is visible magic on screen with the way the characters move on and off it!
  • A fast-paced screenplay filled with humorous and engaging entanglements supplement the viewing pleasure.
  • Cary Grant's elegant show and the solid show of the other supporting cast get overshadowed by the brilliance of Katahrine Hepburn and the wizardly James Stewart! The duo is unstoppable!
Rich & Hilarious! An awesome classic!