Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #378

Movie: Julie & Julia (2009)

Plot: A woman who is depressed with her work and her shift of home wants some activity to distract her attention. Her husband suggests blogging about what she finds passionate. She blogs on cooking recipes from the book famously authored by Julia of a previous era. She gets obsessed with cooking,blogging and connects with the cook from the past and it gives a mild crack to her personal life too!

What Works?
  • This film based on two books and true stories is an amazing light-hearted unadulterated experience. Even people not fond of cooking can relate to what is being talked about in it.
  • The blogging angle and the apprehensions of the habit being similar to talking to a huge void are absolutely relatable for me and realistic.
  • Meryl Streep as the woman from U.S.A who settles in and starts loving Paris plays her role to a 'T' with fine action and excellent voice modulation! Amy Adams gives her strong competition in her new-gen blogger/cook role!
  • The husbands of the duo have been characterised as gems and they act fine according to what's been made for them.
  • The delicacies shown and explained induce hunger and a coveting for food even to completely filled stomachs!
Delicious delicacies, served over different eras!