Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book Look - #3

THE ODESSA FILE by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: The Assassination of US President John.F.Kennedy is linked to a three way arms & nuke battle among Germany-Israel-Egypt. Members of the ODESSA -Former SS generals under Hitler's regime are behind the activities. An old diary recovered from a dead Jew gets journalist Peter Miller going after an SS General Roschmann,who had foreseen the genocide of 80,000 Jews at Sigi during WW II. Miller is in pursuit with an unrevealed personal interest too & how he settles his account by gaining access to the Odessa file is what this suspenseful fiction is all about.

  • Too realistic to be accepted as a work of fiction.
  • The first 50 pages are hard to cross,with the intro of so many characters, but after that it is rocket-sailing all the way to the finish line.
  • Tremendous information is presented on the brutal ways of Nazis involved in the mass-murder of Jews all over Europe.

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