Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #432

Movie: Pizza (Thamizh, 2012)

Plot: It is business as usual for a Pizza delivery man who goes for delivery to a bungalow. When he is about to get the job done, things get creepy and he gets to see 1, then 2 and then 3..murders in the house alongside events unfolding in mysterious circumstances. More happens before he escapes and after a brief period of recovery, the suspense finally shows up!

What Works?
  • It's been long since we had a gripping horror-thriller in Thamizh & it is to be welcome with utmost pleasure that a debutant director (not even coming out after being an assistant) Karthik Subbaraj could break the routine & quite convincingly too!
  • The creepy, at times psychic narration, works brilliantly sending the viewer into anxiety and the setup (home & pizza place) with limited characters helps the film stay brisky throughout.
  • Performance-wise, the hero Vijay Sethupathi has a nice role and his expressions and dubbing have been realistic. Giving him nice company are his Pizza place colleagues and lover, played by Ramya Nambeesan.
  • Music by Santhosh is apt and experimental at the same time (western symphony type notes) & songs are good too. Ninaithadhai has the European jazz flavour oft seen in title cards in Woody Allen films.
  • A lot of the film happens in dark and indoors. So, the camera work which is easy on the eye deserves a special pat for being so good; Some nice editing makes this crispy too!
What Doesn't?
  • The twist, though not easily predictable lacks the punch giving a short-film effect; The climax, though, makes up for it!
Spicy, Tasty & Creepy - Pizza that is served Hot & Pizza that's worth the price!

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