Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #429

Movie: Tesis (or) Thesis (Spanish, 1996)

Plot: A visual media student who has a specific liking for gory movies finds herself in the midst of action when she and her friend accidentally get their hands on a snuff video recording a murder. When they get close on the heels of who they think the murderer is, sudden questions appear as to understanding who the real murderer was!

What Works?

  • The suspense begins when the film begins, it keeps us interested all the way through, lets us make guesses and proves us false at times - Typical elements of a suspense thriller: all checked!
  • Alejandro Amenabar presents it in a fine screenplay with limited prominent characters.
  • Ana Torrent is pretty expressive, giving her good support is Fele Martinez as Chema and the man cast to play Bosco is as apt as the role would deserve!
Suspense that works, pretty nicely!

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