Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #428

Movie: Thaandavam (Thamizh, 2012)

Plot: A blind man with a secret identity lives in London to avenge his wife's brutal death in a bomb blast. The perpetrators are being helped by someone he knows. He gets them all and gets to the known helper in this predictable thriller.

What Works?
  • A disappointment of sorts, given the potential of the men who have handled the film (Vikram, A Vijay etc.). If I had to list some positives, they have got to be the picturisation of Oru Padhi Kadhavu & the tunes of that and some other songs by GV Prakash.
  • The flashback back at home had its moments, though wasn't all that refreshing.

What Doesn't?
  • The film doesn't have any surprising twists one would expect from a thriller.
  • Top RAW official travelling to London seeking a couriered pen-drive: may have been convincing in early 2000 but it ends up a joke given the timeframe of the film!
  • There isn't much scope for performances too; Vikram and Santhanam somehow delay the sinking of the ship.
Yawn inducing predictable thriller.

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