Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #430

Movie: Sin Nombre (or) Nameless (Spanish, 2009)

Plot: A local Mexican gang chief plays with one of his gangsters' girlfriend. A girl from Honduras is on her way through Mexico to get into the borders of U.S.A. When the chief repeats his attempt with this girl, the bereaved gangs-man murders him! The saved and the saviour form a kinship on their journey even as the others in the gang are in the lookout for the killer!

What Works?

  • This may not be a very intelligent film; May not be path-breaking; But, the simplicity of the narration, the treatment bowl you over. Cary Fukunaga presents it in South American style, so typical and loveable!
  • The performance of the guy Edgar Flores who plays Casper is very realistic and heroic! Giving reasons for a pleasurable watch are also the performance and cute looks and costumes of Paulina Gaitan who plays Sayra.
  • The tale's perfect mix of action and feelings along with carefully placed background score is reminescent of Un Oso Rojo!
  • The gang, its rituals and the new kid on the block add to the terrorising effect!
Simple, yet Marvellous! Artistic!

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