Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #431

Movie: Cloud Atlas (2012)

Plot: Six Stories of people belonging to different centuries, different countries & different lifestyles are shown in parallel to show how the idea of time - the idea of past,present & future - isn't as independent as we think it is!In short, Butterfly effect where karma replaces time.

What Works?
  • A very very gutsy and ingenious story this raising questions on a subject for which neither Science nor Religion has an answer - Even though adapted from a book,the Wachowski brothers -yet again- are at it & succeed in sending the point across!
  • Screenplay makes the viewer busy but doesn't confuse him wantedly and that's a nice thing. Tom Tykwer's influence is evident as the film moves between Run Lola Run's style & Perfume's style!
  • Tom Hanks is at the film's core and revels in some of the roles such as that of Isaac, Dermot & Zachry! Halle Berry follows him closely in terms of the number of roles but only her Luisa stays in your mind.
  • Ben Whishaw shows some class thanks to a meaty role & his scenes with the composer have some powerful and sparkling exchanges!
  • Cavendish portion offers some moments for laughs in an otherwise highly-intense film.
What Doesn't?
  • One core story-The Asian portion that is futuristic, imaginative sci-fi - isn't that impressive, except for some nice dialogues.
  • Some roles end up as mere caricatures (Hanks roles as the Hotel Manager, the on-scree Cavendish etc.; People like Susan Sarandon & Hugh Grant come in insignificant flash-and-go roles!) 
 P.S.: This is one such film where a second viewing is required to get the answers for all your questions.

Thought-provoking; Offers a nice perspective to the after-life!

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