Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Line Reviews - #107

First things first. Last week,I saw Paiyaa (a film that ran for about 150 days).Except for some 20 odd minutes,the film was such a miserable dud. And today, I saw this film Drohi (this one ran for about 10 days before being washed out by the Enthiran Tsunami) and except for some 20 odd minutes comprising unnecessary songs, this film was engrossing.What an irony!

Movie: Drohi (2010,Tamil)

Plot: Two ten year old 'thick as thieves' friends separate after betraying each other. They keep playing the cat-n-mouse games for years together & finally shake hands after realising that they were being used as pawns by the area chieftains all that while.

  • The director Sudha,a lady who is an associate of ManiRatnam has made a good debut;Credits to her Kathryn Bigelow-like attempt to make a male-centric thug film.
  • Both Srikanth & Vishnu have done well. Srikanth,especially, has broken his stereotypical shackles finally. Yet, he remains unlucky wrt getting a break as the film has become a flop.
  • Background music of Selvaganesh is good. Cannot say the same for songs-they are pathetic.
  • Heroines. They have no role to play. Without them, the film would have been a 90 minute ride and would have looked a lot less amateurish.
  • It was saddening to see a good actress like Pooja in such a small role. Too big a penalty for playing a beggar in Naan Kadavul.
My Rating: 8.6/10

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