Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Line Reviews - #104

Movie: Point Break (1991)

Plot: A cop goes undercover as a sea-surfer to get hold of a group of adventure seeking bank breaking lunatics. Adventure blends beautifully with police action.

  • Kathryn Bigelow's making of the film. The lady has definitely got some style.
  • Was nice to watch Keanu Reeves after a long time. He fits the bill as the FBI agent who goes surfing.
  • The ambush sequence on the drug peddlers & the sky-diving scenes were great.
  • The villainous ways of the Shane Watson like villain
  • The hero,who risks his own life, cannot trade-off a few months lover for a sincere senior agent.That just doesn't look good.
  • The climax fight scene. Of all options,a fist fight is what gets chosen.
My Rating: 9.3/10

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