Saturday, September 11, 2010

Unfinished Business - That little bet!

Mr.Sathur & Mr.Anand. I have taken my own time but finally I am here to start the completion of our bet -the unfinished business of watching and reviewing those 6 six films you gifted me when I parted ways!


Directed by Sridhar-regarded as one of the most smartest and exciting directors of his generation, this film is definitely watchable. A story of the ill-fated twist in the life of a carefree college going youth falling in love with his family suddenly facing shudders with the loss of job of his brother, the sole bread-winner . The hero is forced to sacrifice his love, his interests for the sake of his family – Run of the mill stuff. But he gets exasperated of his sacrifices at a point and goes on to question the purpose of his existence. The lively first hour is followed by a pathos filled mega serial type one hour after which the film gets brisk and ends in an unpredictable yet plucky climax.
Gemini Ganesan marvels in his role showing tremendous transformation from a happy youngster employing flirtatious ways to capture the imagination of his lady love to a lost, sacrificial lamb. Other performances of note are those of muthuraman (who plays his brother), the father of the duo(casual acting was at its best display), the heroine and Nagesh.But, it is amusing and makes no sense when the lead pair start conversing in thooyaththamizh after their initial break-up. Funny!

One big plus for the film is the music of the Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy duo. Surprisingly I was familiar with not one, not two but all songs in the film - The most popular ones being Manidhan enbavan dheivam aagalam & Mayakkamaa Kalakkamaa (I didn’t know both were from the same film!).

So the first hurdle, luckily , was an easily crossable one. Awaiting five more!

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  1. One down ... Paapom how much time it takes for u to finish 6 :)