Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #427

Movie: Platoon (1986)

The Charlie Regiment in Vietnam War has more than the NVA opponents to handle. The film traces the travails of the Nam Soldiers and how a difference and division in opinion can cause havoc even within a regiment supposed to be united to save each others' lives!

What Works?
  • There have been many films on Nam. Every one of them deals with different aspects of the war! In terms of showing the torn inner psyche of warriors, this Oliver Stone venture pips others in style.
  • The casting is fine. Seeing Charlie Sheen, Whitaker and Depp in their youth is a pleasure.
  • The character of Elias is heroic and earns respect. If not for the polar opposite characterisation of Barnes, Elias would never have looked that way. Beauty of creating superb contrasting characters!
  • The massacre at the village is one terrific scene for the decade!
  • The background score and camera work are of grand quality. Dialogues arouse at certain important moments!
Soldier's psyche - Intensely captured!

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