Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #423

Movie: Mugamoodi (Thamizh, 2012)

Plot: To win his lady's heart, a jobless jack good at martial arts masks himself up and enacts a night-guard's tale. He gets mixed up with a burglar gang who have been a menace to the city for months. His kung-fu expertise helps him nab one, and in due course lets him help the police force, win his love and save people at the end to make him a masked superhero!

What Works?

  • Mysskin's treatment of a subject is never a matter of 'will he?'. Here, even though he tries a relatively new premise, his style adoring the chinese, japanese traditions is admirable as always.
  • The portions after the  villain and hero get on each others' line are good; Action scenes have been conceived remarkably well!
  • Jiiva, Nasser, Girish(doing a Dark Knight's Michael Caine?) have roles that appeal.
  • The night sequences are proof enough for the good work behind the lens by Sathya;
  • K's Zimmer-style background score stays apt and lets the action on screen be what it should feel like. Naatula namma veetula is the winner among songs!
  • Gabriella Wilkins's costumes haven't gone over the board and that's appreciable.
What Doesn't?
  • The love portions have been dealt with poorly; It takes too much of the film's running time and isn't that serious too.
  • The above line makes Pooja Hegde a liability; Narain's climax act is childish and the screenplay gets spolit towards the end; The burglar group's main mission goes out of line!
'Like' for the Superhero attempt; 'Thumbs down' for the love & climax letdowns!

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