Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #426

Movie: Wages of Fear (or) Le salaire de la peur (French & Spanish, 1953)

Plot: Somewhere in South America, a town reeks of unemployment. so much so that a damn risky nitro-transport job offered by an U.S.A. based Oil Company for $2000 appears unimaginably attractive. Four of them make the cut and the film takes us through the tense moments of their drive!

What Works?

  • This film must be among the path-breaking ones to have come in the 50s. The guts of director Henri-Georges Clouzot for daring to make such a narrowly plotted travel tale deserves appreciation.
  • Not just the idea, the execution is also king in this case! It takes some time for the characters to get set, but once they are in, the moments that follow are gripping.
  • The bridge scene, rock-blast scene etc are effortlessly elegant.
  • The actors do a fine job, the hero & the cement-worker duo's being the best; The character of the old-once-was man is nicely carved! Grand sets and believable artworks add class too.
What Doesn't?
If I were to choose one minute to alter,I would pick the last minute of the film.

A pulsating Path-breaker of a movie!

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