Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #392

Movie: Coach Carter (2005)

Plot: A former player for the Richmond high school takes over as coach of the current team after a poor year. He imbibes confidence in them and makes them taste victory! But, his concept doesn't end with that. He makes them academically successful too, in his own special way - By benching them all!

What Works?

  • When the film takes the detour after the team's succes, that's where this film gets different from the rest of the pack! Thomas Carter uses the film to nicely present an emphasis on the student-athlete concept!
  • Samuel Lee Jackson is monstrous in his role; With his trademark accent and a simple outlook, his role earns all the respect.
  • The boys too have done a good job.
  • The basketball action is captured marvelously; There are some scenes which look completely real!
'Just another' sports film - That's what this film is not!