Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #390

Movie: Vazhakku En 18/9 (Thamizh, 2012)

Plot: The misdeeds of a pampered school-going youngster on a school-girl & the arm-twisting capabilities of politicians and the bribe-hungry nature of policemen in power together turn the life of a poor housemaid and a worker who loves her with all devotion.

What Works?

  • In two separate but connected tracks, Balaji Sakthivel tries to narrate and give messages on a lot of social ills and that is quite commendable!
  • The new faces have been cast aptly and have performed marvelously; Especially, the character who plays Idlykadai Velu! The story of his past too is impactful.
  • There has not been much dramatisation in the screenplay (that is otherwise bland) which is appreciable.
  • The camerawork gets experimental coming good at a few places and the music is adequate and experimental too!
  • The climax, though predictable, is powerful.
What doesn't?
  • The fact that the same story could have been made into a 20 minutes film too is undeniable.
A very noble attempt at revealing some nasty social-ills!