Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #387

Movie: Tootsie (1982)

Plot: An actor, after a frustrating period of unemployment, chooses the unthinkable! He makes himself up as a lady and wins a place in a show. With his spontaneous acting skills, he wins over the awe of audience making his lady a popular character! In the process, a co-actress confides in his lady-self while he falls for her! The question in his mind is 'When and how to open the Pandora's box?!'

What Works?
  • The characters click wonderfully; the narration is filled with classic humour and there is Dustin Hoffman to play the lady - What more would one need to have a hilarious piece of time!
  • Dustin Hoffman,as Dorothy, looks and behaves like a tempered old lady would and his voice modulation is absolutely brilliant as well!
  • The background score and the songs play a nice little role in the film.
  • Portions involving the actress, her father, Hoffman's friend and girlfriend all of who act nicely offer blasts of humour.
Humourous, yet touching!