Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #384

Movie: Whatever Works (2009)

Plot: An old man lives by the philosophy 'one must choose to do whatever works for him/her'; He gets tensed with the world acting around him and when he provides shelter to a girl from south country, she stays, settles and even marries him. After a good time with her, he sees her off settling with whatever works for her.

What Works?
  • Another Woody Allen breezer with all nice philosophies thrown in from the first-person perspective!
  • The man who plays Boris (Larry David) can't match Woody but he comes close in matching him with spontaneity and the way he gets irritated and badmouths his chess students evoke laughter.
  • Evan Rachel is a beauty and has a wonderful supporting role which she performs well.
  • The narrative with occasional dialogues with the audience is quite engaging.
Breezy stuff.