Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #296

Movie: Mongol: The Rise of Gengis Khan (Mongolian/Mandarin, 2007)

Plot: This film traces the early life of the legendary Mongol ruler Temudjin, fondly remembered as Gengis Khan. The film shows how he chooses his bride at 10 years of age, how he lives by to seek revenge on his father's killer, how he rescues his wife several times & finally, how he conquers and unites the different Mongolian clans together in a strategic war against a Khan wannabe!

  • This Sergie Brodov record is not detailed, but the coverage in terms of width of the Khan's history is quite big and it is successful in marking the Khan's arrival on to the big stage well.
  • The guy who plays Temudjin does a fine job ably supported by Jamukha, the wannabe Khan & the wife characters.
  • Huge pluses of the film are its sets, horse fights & the immensely likeable Mongol-Russian locations : Stunning visuals make this a very good watch.
Lacks in depth & some scenes are not understandable.

A perfect Jump-board for a Gengis Khan documentary.

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