Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #293

Movie: Yip Man 2 (or) Ip Man 2 (Cantonese, 2010)

Plot: The Wing Chun preacher moves base to Hong Kong where he and his small group of pupils suffer from the local Martial Arts Association. When they realise his worth, it gets a bit too late as they end up losing their renowned exponent to a British Boxer. That's when Ip Man enters the ring to show the English what Chinese boxing is!

  • A blend of Cinderella Man and Rocky 4, the film takes the engrossing action shown in the first part to even bigger levels.
  • The Table fight sequence & the final ring encounter are as good as fight scenes come!
  • Donnie Yen maintains the aura that he displays in the first part and accumulates respect for the character of Ip Man - the Bruce Lee guru!
  • The theme song adds to the 'Inspiration' quotient.
Where Rocky IV meets Chinese Wing Chun!!

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