Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #287

Movie: Engeyum Eppodhum (Thamizh,2011)

Plot: A girl from Trichy comes to Madras; A stranger helps her navigate the puzzling route to her & at the end of the day, Cupid strikes but they don't get to meet again. Elsewhere in Trichy, a soft-natured factory worker falls in love with a girl. After six months, all four get entangled in a tragic bus collision as if destiny was meant to be that way.

  • A pretty decent outing for a debutant director; Saravanan makes a film that one cannot have many things to complain about.
  • The soft and innocent one of Jai's is a surprising characterisation & the naive, town-girlish role played by Ananya, though cliched, is fresh thanks to the scenes with the city guy. Anjali saves her best for the climax.
  • The bus-collision scene graphics is very much appreciable showing how meticulate the makers have been in paying attention to detail.
  • There are quite a lot of exaggerations all through the film.
  • The deliberate pathos effect created out of characters that are about to die is a dampener creating no impact at all.
Though a bit exaggerated, A good attempt by a new-comer.

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