Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two line Reviews - #79

Movie: Magnolia (1999)

  • A thought provoking film that forces the issues of guilt,fear,infidelity & haplessness of the characters in it.
  • Whirlwind of a screenplay that shows events in a day of the 10 or so people involved in parallel.
  • The convincing performance of Tom Cruise among others. His is an unconventional role and he pulls it off wonderfully-Couldn't miss the semblance of  his face & expressions to Rafael Nadal.
  • The Anecdote of the conversion of a suicide to homicide in the first scene (a precursor to the way the film would go on) - I have read that as a forward before. Never knew it was from this film!

  • When finally everything seem to fall in place,ironically, frogs fall from the sky - Quite too surreal even to stress biblically that 'Things Can Happen'

Overall Score: 9.2/10


  1. yeah the climax was kind of a shock initially .. later it seemed that this was the best climax given the spirit of the movie.. a great movie.. heard a weird cientific reason too for the frog rain.. but dunno how true it is..

  2. I would say its a very different movie but I was not very impressed with the Frog Rain concept even though it was biblical n all ... That robbed the seriousness off the film