Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Roger!

As the hard-court season gets underway, look who's celebrating his birthday.

Last year,when everyone had written you off, you made the mother of all comebacks lifting French and Wimbledon in succession and giving birth to twin babies! The first two feats were heavily inspiring ones for me & the last - a sheer delight for us fans.

After a glorious start with the Australian Open title this year, your unimaginable streaks seem to have started coming to their ends- finally. They had to,someday! So no qualms with that. But being just 1 day short of the record 287 weeks at the top is definitely a huge slip. I wish you get that one week atop someday this year or early next year.

Happy Birthday Roger Federer. Wishing you all success in the coming hard-court season as I seek some much-needed inspiration from you when I am all at sea now. Go on for 17 and 18 and 19 and that 287!! If you deserved being on top of the world for 286 weeks and 6 days, you definitely deserve that 1 day.

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