Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Line Reviews - #495

Movie: Queen (Hindi, 2014)

Plot: When Rani’s fiance forces their marriage into cancellation hours before the event citing unconvincing reasons, she is crest-fallen but decides to go on the Honey moon they had planned, alone! She meets people in Paris & Amsterdam who give her whirls of experiences which she uses to resiliently handle her guy when he comes back repenting for his earlier mistake.

What Works?
  • Women-centric films, though not taboo, don’t still come in leaps & bounds. To have given a feel-good film that has such a solid & impactful woman-presence, Vikas Bahl – Queen’s story writer & director deserves praise
  • The film’s lifeline is the character Rani played by Kangana Ranaut. She gives a spell-binding performance marked by simple yet tremendous body language & acting. Her role as an additional dialogue writer (to Anvita Dutt, whose simple dialogues carry enough intensity & humour) shows the involvement she must have had in the project
  • The characterisations of the European companions (Vijay from France & Oleksander, Taka, Tim & Marcello from Holland) are good & help create an emotional connect
  • Music by Amit Trivedi has some foot-tapping numbers & the locales of Europe have been captured very well by Siddharth Diwan & Bobby Singh
  • The climax is fitting & has been handled deftly, showing the presence of Anurag Kashyap in the Editing department
What Doesn't?
  • The film has its share of 'feel-good film' cliches films but the good news is, they are not big deterrents to the film's flow
  • The joke involving Vijaylakshmi & Rani’s family bring a twitch to our faces with its repetition
Woman emancipation tales are not uncommon but this Rani from Delhi impresses with the refreshing treatment the makers have provided her with

In a Nutshell: She is the Quintessential Queen

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