Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Line Reviews - #493

Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Plot: Attempting to beat boredom with frequent fantasies of him embarking on adventures is a way of life for an employee of a journal. When the forces that are (read a job-crisis for him and a fellow mate, an unexpressed love & an act of humiliation he is subjected to by a colleague) join to put him on a search trail, he inadvertently takes to a real life adventure extending from Greenland to Iceland to Himalayas, thereby finding his lost self!

What Works?
  • Hollywood is loaded with some famous feel-good self-realization stories & this one is definitely worthy of mention in any such list. Ben Stiller’s narration makes the viewer empathise with the protagonist and root for him when he sets on his trail
  • Ben Stiller, as Walter Mitty, presents the  ‘meek & helpless as a worker, hopeless as a  flirt & gritty self-esteemed sincere person’ character wonderfully well & the characters who accompany him – His co-worker, the disgusting & disrespectful merger manager & the love of his life – bring purpose to the film
  • The cameo played by Sean Penn is not to be missed. His role gets mentioned all through the film but he doesn’t get introduced till the climax (like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now) but makes his  mark in one wonderful poetic scene involving him, Ben & a snow leopard!
  • The picturesque beauty of places across the earth are captured vivdly  by Stuart Dryburgh’s camera & makes one want to pack her bag to visit the snowcapped mountains, the green lawns & the cold seas!
  • The purpose of existence of anyone who works sincerely doesn’t go unnoticed & this message is conveyed brilliantly throughout the film ending with the proverbial director’s punch at the end
What Doesn't?
  • Any fantasy ride will have its share of crazy moments & this one has a few as well. Some may liken the day-dreaming Stiller’s character is shown to do to being childish
An inspiring  feel-good adventure ride that showcases how opening up & following one’s inner voice can offer magical experiences which otherwise would stay & get buried as mere fantasies

In a Nutshell: Unravels a Sweet Secret

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