Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #479

Movie: The Song of Sparrows (or) Avaze gonjeshk-ha (Persian, 2008)

Plot: Times trouble an Ostrich rancher when his daughter's hearing aid breaks and he cannot afford a new one thanks to the job he loses because of an Ostrich that escapes. He goes to a busy Tehran and invents a job as a for-hire-motrocyclist. Opportunities present themselves to test his honesty and survival instincts but he weathers the greed test and tries to make ends meet with the paltry sum he earns. Calamity strikes later as he experiences a domestic accident that puts him to bed and he is made to ponder how fickle life can be!

What Works?
  • In another birth, Majid Majidi should have been a poet! A philosophical one at that. He offers such beautiful touch in the narrative which is so filled with agony and suffering. He shows them in the best way possible - not brutal, not evoking a lot of sympathy. He keeps it simple.
  • The lead actor who plays Karim is a natural and he expresses helplessness in the best way possible, and also optimism when he becomes immobile!
  • The scene where the kids happily transfer flower pots and suddenly lose all the fishes they buy for their tank & the scene where he consoles his crying wife are gems in the jewel the film is!
  • The climax when the unshown guy tells the Ostrich is back and the reaction Karim has for it sums up the fickle nature of life in the best way possible!
Another gem from Majid Majidi! Celebrates honesty and hardwork.

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