Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #476

Movie: In Time (2011)

Plot: The film conceptualises how people would react if they age till 25 and then get only an year's extension which they can refill and reload like exchanging currencies across each other. The automatic divide this creates in society stands a block for someone who gets some hefty year currency and is being chased by the Police who doubt the authenticity of his claim that he got it by genuine means.He takes them on by taking the daughter of a rich guy(read one with huge year currency) as hostage.

What Works?
  • This idea is quite wondrous. Not many can think on those lines, forget writing a script and bringing the idea to life. For that reason,Andrew Niccol, its maker deserves the accolades.
  • Justin Timberlake adequately fits the bill in a film whose scope doesn t require mind-blowing performances; He does well running and chasing around always being under the radar. Amanda Seyfried gives him good company in the latter half. 
  • We don't get to see Cillian Murphy in these sort of roles but as a responsible police-man, he does the routine stuff in a simple style that suits.
  • The year currency exchange concept is brought to life through a simple gadget they show and it is a relief.
What Doesn't?
  • The film, though it takes a wordly concept, offers a very narrow perspective - That of its protagonist. That makes the entire narration a whole lot weak!
  • If the film didn't mean to mock at the Hyper-Inflation and its effects, there is not much in it than an incredible one-line story.
If it was a mockery of Hyper-Inflation, it has worked. Else, not much!

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