Monday, February 8, 2016

Taxi Fare Comparison (Ola, Uber & Taxi For Sure) for Bangalore & Chennai

Take dynamic & differential pricing out of the system and urban life becomes a lot more peaceful to handle. No longer do we choose the closest cinema hall for movie-watching. We get to compare prices across halls, across show-times & to add to the complexity, across payment modes - one guy offering a cashback of 15% against another giving a flat Rs.50/- discount - Now, one of these is to be translated to a common unit to arrive at a decision. Coming to think of it, all this is too much effort for arriving at a 'decision' to spend on having some leisurely time away from work!

The same holds good across domains with the spread of mobile apps, new revenue models & pricing concepts (bordering unethical!). This post intends to offer help towards your decision on one such curious case - that of deciding on 'Which taxi service to book depending on the expected traffic, the distance to cover & the type of the vehicle needed'.

The visualisation below is based on the current pricing model adopted by Ola, Uber & Taxi For Sure in Bangalore and Chennai. It will be updated frequently to reflect any tweaks these service providers are going to come up with in the near future. I had initially created this on an Excel file to help myself. But where is the fun if something as handy as this isn't shared? Here it is for public use. Go ahead and share it with friends who use these services extensively.

  • The filters are self-explanatory allowing you to choose the options that suit your need. (Select only one item in each filter for it to make sense; You can't be in Bangalore and Chennai at the same time, right?)
  • You also have the option of choosing the Multiplier value ('X' factor of these service providers to confuse the rider) for each service before comparison. They are set to '1' by default.
  • Take your mouse over the dots corresponding to the distance you expect to travel, the visual will show the price for each service for the city, traffic type, cab type & multipliers chosen

If the visualisation widget doesn't get rendered properly on Mobile phone, you could look at it here:

Fares as on: 10th Feb, 2016 (Revised rates for Uber in Chennai have been taken into account)


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